Open Source Government is a collective project that tries to design a blue-print for a possible open sourced society. The project invites thinkers, artists, programmers, developers, social scientists, political scientists, financial professionals, lawyers and other individuals to take part in the conversation.

Open Source Government Sessions at MAMA

Project Open Source Government has joined forces with MAMA’s Showroom.
since January 2017. There will be monthly sessions held at the location of Showroom MAMA in Rotterdam.
During the sessions we will discuss the idea itself, the past discussions and develop new ideas by creating a dynamic discussion.

First session held at MAMA on 10th of January. Facebook event here

Upcoming events and other activities will be announced through this site,
as well as through the Facebook page of the movement .
You can also follow the project’s Twitter account @projectOSG
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Here you can have a look at the current situation of
the Organization Chart of Open Source Government

Project OSG has been enabled directly or indirectly by the help of:

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